Iraq | King Abdullah: Baghdad Conference a testament to Iraq’s role in bolstering regional, international dialogue

King Abdullah Jordan said the “Baghdad Conference for Cooperation and Partnership” is testament to Iraq’s central role in building bridges and bolstering regional and international dialogue, by adopting a policy of balance and openness based on mutual interests.”

Our meeting also reflects our mutual keenness to support Iraq’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and also support the Iraqi people on their path to further progress, development, and prosperity.” King Abdullah said on Saturday.

He continued “For years, Iraq, with the engagement of all components of its society, has been working hard to fortify the state of institutions, governed by the constitution and the law, in order to achieve further progress and fulfil the hopes and aspirations of its people. Therefore, supporting Iraq in these efforts is a priority for us all.”

He went on to say “We express appreciation and support for the Iraqi government’s efforts over the past years in countering extremism and terrorism, as well as in rebuilding, and bolstering the unity and stability of the country.”

“The security and stability of Iraq is integral to the security and stability of us all, and its prosperity is our prosperity. A strong Iraq is a pillar for regional economic integration and creating an environment conducive to enhancing cooperation among countries in the region.”

The King further stressed “In order to enhance regional and international cooperation among us, we must open the door to economic, industrial, and commercial integration, on the basis of cooperation and partnership, to achieve the best interest of all.”

He concluded “We renew our thanks to the Iraqi government, and to my dear brother Mustafa Al Kadhimi, for their efforts to promote further cooperation and encourage dialogue in service of our peoples and the region.”

مواضيع ذات صلة
مواضيع ذات صلة
مواضيع ذات صلة
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