Iran | Raisi’s Cabinet Gains Parliament’s Vote of Confidence Except Minister of Education

Iranian lawmakers approved all of President Ebrahim Raisi’s proposed ministers except the education minister, giving most of his cabinet their vote of confidence.

The voting to whether approve or disapprove of the proposed ministers of the new administration started following Raisi’s speech at the parliament on Wednesday.

Dr. Hossein Baghgoli proposed minister of Education cant secures a vote of confidence from parliament.

President Ebrahim Raisi spoke in defense of his cabinet after the parliamentarians finished reviewing his proposed ministers.

The names of the ministers who gain the vote of confidence of parliament are as follow in alphabetical order:

1- Dr. Issa Zarepour (Communications and Information Technology)

2- Esmail Khatib (Intelligence )

3- Dr. Ehsan Khandouzi (Economic Affairs and Finance)

4- Dr. Bahram Ainollahi (Health, Treatment and Medical Education)

5- Dr. Hojjatullah Abdolmaleki (Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare)

6- Dr. Javad Sadatinejad (Agricultural Jihad)

7- Dr. Hossein Amir-Abdollahian (Foreign Affairs)

8- Dr. Amino Hossein Rahimi (Justice)

9- Brigadier General Dr. Mohammad Reza Ashtiani (Defense and Support of the Armed Forces)

10- Engineer Rostam Ghasemi (Road and Urban Development)

11- Dr. Reza Fatemi Amin (Industry, Mining, and Trade)

12- Dr. Mohammad Ali Zolfigol (Science, Research and Technology)

13- Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Esmaili (Islamic Culture and Guidance)

14- Dr. Ahmad Vahidi (Interior)

15- Ezatullah Zarghami (Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism)

16- Javad Oji (Oil)

17- Ali Akbar Mehrabian (Energy)

18- Dr. Hamid Sajjadi Hazaveh (Sports and Youth)

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