Sheikh Karimian: To continue defending Islamic nation and causes of its oppressed people

The Secretary-General of the Islamic Radios and Television Union (IRTVU), Sheikh Ali Karimian, underlined the Union’s persistence in defending the Islamic nation and the causes of its oppressed people, calling on media institutions to continue to raise their voice against global arrogance.

Sheikh Karimian made his remarks in a press conference held today, Saturday, as he concluded the fourth periodic session of the Union in Beirut on Friday and Saturday.

He stressed “We, as in the past, are proceeding in harmony, unity and cooperation with the various Islamic media institutions. Certainly, we seek to raise Islamic youth to meet this fierce Western attack that we see today.”

“Today we are witnessing great transformations in the world. We see the demise of global arrogance and the isolation of the Zionist entity, which is collapsing and fading from the inside.” He said.

He explained “Defending Islamic interests, protecting the oppressed of the world, opposing global arrogance, clarifying facts and defending oppressed peoples, especially the Palestinian people, are of the functions of the IRTVU.”

The Secretary-General continued “I think that the front which has been formed today is a blessed front par excellence that managed in previous years to reach great and considerable compromises.”

“We believe that we are the right front and our words will affect ideas all over the world. The owners of right are waiting to hear the voice of truth, and this is the responsibility of our media friends which they have held during the past years.”

Sheikh Karimian underlined that “many of the injustices in the world would not have been exposed if it were not for these media and Islamic institutions that carry a lofty message to defend the right… We would not have been able to talk about the oppression of Palestine and the call of Palestine would not have reached the world.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, the Secretary-General stated that “The grievances of the Yemeni people would not have reached the world. Also, the oppressed women in other countries, as in Syria, Afghanistan and other countries, would not have reached their voice to the world and would not have known their grievance at the global level, had it not been for these platforms and these correspondents in the Islamic media.”

مواضيع ذات صلة
مواضيع ذات صلة
مواضيع ذات صلة
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