Putin Tells Lukashenko about Contacts with UN Over Food Supplies

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow has close contacts with the UN on the issue of the deliveries of food products and fertilizers during talks with his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko.

“As for economic issues, I would still propose to return to the subject which is now the most pressing one – the food market and the supplies of fertilizers to global markets. We are in close contact with the appropriate specialized UN agencies. I would like to inform you as well as to how this work is proceeding,” the Russian leader said at a meeting on Saturday.

It is possible to organize the production of import-substituting products in Belarus using credit funds, Putin said.

“This morning, I discussed with government leaders [the possibility] to create financial opportunities for Belarusian enterprises to begin producing import-substituting products using the credit resources we discussed,” the Russian leader told his Belarusian counterpart Alexander Lukashenko at talks on Saturday. “Not only for the import-substituting ones but also for the development of our own engineering solutions in order to reach a higher level of what we, Russia and Belarus, need,” he specified.

According to Putin, “the government agrees that some of these resources should be and can be used by the Belarusian enterprises in order to have the opportunity to produce goods for the markets of third countries as well.” “And in the end, Russia will also be interested in this in terms of the level of our cooperation,” the Russian leader concluded.

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