Russia’s Putin: US is to Blame for Tensions in Europe

The United States is to be blamed for the escalation of tensions in Europe, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday.

During his speech at a Russian Defense Ministry board meeting, Putin said that Moscow will take adequate military-technical measures in response to the unfriendly steps by the US and has every right to do so.

“As I have already noted, in the event of the continuation of the obviously aggressive line of our Western colleagues, we will take adequate retaliatory military-technical measures, and react toughly to unfriendly steps,” the Russian president said.

He continued “I want to emphasize, we have every right to do so, we have every right to take actions designed to ensure the security and sovereignty of Russia.”

Putin additionally suggested that it might have been the “euphoria” from “the so-called victory in the Cold War” that prompted Washington to conduct its “anti-Russian policy”.

According to him, the United States failed to make proper conclusions after the Cold War.

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