Chinese FM: Beijing not afraid of ‘confrontation’ with Washington

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Monday that Beijing is not afraid of confrontation with Washington, although welcomes cooperation with this country.

China welcomes cooperation with the United States, but is not afraid of confrontation, and in the event of a confrontation, it will “fight to the bitter end,” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Monday.

“China’s position is clear and unchanging: if the dialogue is equal, cooperation is welcome but only mutually beneficial, if competition is positive, we are not afraid of confrontation, and we will fight to the bitter end,” Wang Yi said at a conference on the current international situation and Chinese diplomacy.

Wang Yi stressed that cooperation will benefit both sides, while confrontation will harm everyone.

According to him, the escalation of confrontation in the past year has once again demonstrated that the fundamental reason why Sino-US relations have faced serious difficulties and many challenges is that the United States has made a strategically incorrect assessment of China and Sino-US relations.

Some people in the United States do not want to admit that other countries have the right to development, do not want to accept the fact that China is constantly strengthening and developing, and are trying to create a group to contain and suppress China, he added.

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