Iranian’s FM: Energy, transit Pillars of Tehran-Baku economic ties

Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian described the fields of energy and transportation as two main pillars of economic cooperation with neighboring Azerbaijan.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijani Shahin Mustafayev, who has visited Iran to pursue the implementation of agreements concluded at the meetings of the Iran-Azerbaijan Joint Economic Commission, met with Amirabdollahian in Tehran on Wednesday.

Describing the energy sector and transportation as the two main pillars of growing economic cooperation between the two neighbors, Amirabdollahian called for efforts to maximize the use of the available capacities for closer interaction.

The top Iranian diplomat also expressed satisfaction with the growth in trade exchanges between Iran and Azerbaijan over the past eight months and with the coming into force of a swap deal for the transfer of gas from Turkmenistan to Azerbaijan via Iran.

Amirabdollahian also called for plans to broaden financial exchanges between the two countries, promote cooperation between the border provinces, and facilitate travels considering the containment of the coronavirus pandemic.

For his part, Mustafayev hailed the meetings between the presidents of the two countries on the sidelines of the ECO summit in Ashgabat in November 2021 as a milestone in a new stage of relations between Baku and Tehran.

The Azeri deputy prime minister also expounded on the latest developments in the implementation of the Joint Economic Commission agreements and the economic deals that the two states have signed in the energy and transportation sectors.

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