Yemen | Yemeni Armed Forces Spox Reveals Details of Major Military Operation in Marib

Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesman Brigadier General Yehya Saree announced in a press conference on Friday the details of a wide-scale military operation carried out by the Yemeni forces.

Saree announced the results of wide-scale qualitative military Operation “Severe Punishment” in Marib Province where large areas have been liberated.

The operation lasted for several months and achieved its goals successfully, Saree said, adding that mercenaries were kicked out of the liberated areas.

“The Yemeni Armed Forces started a new phase of liberating Yemen from invaders and occupiers, opened new paths, and followed tactics that suit the military operation’s geography,” the spokesman said.

The Rocketry Force and the Propelled Air Force carried out dozens of successful military operations, 128 of which took place inside Yemen and 33 others were carried out in the Saudi depth, the spokesman added.

Badr, Nakal, Qassem, Zolfikar, and Quds2-type missiles were used during the series of operations.

Meanwhile, the Propelled Air Force carried out 319 operations that targeted the enemy on its land, in addition to 183 other operations that targeted the aggressors on Yemeni ground.

Furthermore, Saree explained, the Engineering and Anti-armored Units played a major role in this battle.

“The Rocketry and Aerial Force targeted gatherings and sites belonging to mercenaries and forces of the coalition of aggression against Yemen inside the occupied Yemeni territories,” he said, noting that during the course of Operation “Severe Punishment”, the coalition of aggression waged hundreds of strike in the area.

The Yemeni Armed Forces monitored more than 3290 strikes in attempts to hinder the progress of the Yemeni Armed Forces, the forces of aggression also targeted civilians during that period.

Among the most important results of Operation “Severe Punishment” was gaining huge amounts of heavy weapons.

The duration of the operation extended from March 2020 to November 2020 in which 3000 members of the enemy were killed, 12400 sustained injuries, and 550 others were detained.

“Our forces managed to liberate around 1600 square kilometers of Marib during the operation,” Saree said, naming in particular the directorates of Medghal and Mejzar in the province.

Additionally, among the most important results was the liberation of Mas Camp, one of the biggest bases that have been used by the enemy over the past years.

“We hail the resistance role played by our people in Marib during this operation,” Saree noted, concluding that “Our cause is to liberate Yemen.”


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