Raisi: Enemy seeks to turn country’s strengths into weaknesses

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Ebrahim Raisi stressed that the enemy does not want the country to go forward and the people to hear good news.

“Managing and providing services in Tehran metropolis is not an easy task, but with the high motivation, effort, sincerity and spirit of patriotism of our loved ones in Tehran Municipality, great work has been done in this field, which could not be easily done with the existing facilities and credits.” Raisi said.

Raisi noted that the actions and plans of Tehran municipality in the field of development of urban transport fleet especially in the metro sector promising, adding “Today, people know that the municipality is working with a basiji and jihadist spirit for their well-being with all its heart and has plans for the future.”

The President considered urban services to be a multi-dimensional task that requires the sympathy and support of the government and the nation and noted, “The government considers it its duty to help Tehran Municipality in providing strong and high-quality services to the people.”

Raisi stated that the cooperation of the people with the management of urban services and the city council as the crystallization of the will of the citizens brings social welfare, and noted, “Today, the enemy seeks to induce despair and hopelessness in the society, but we, the Iranian nation, believe in the culture of we can.”

The President continued “Tehran Municipality has done lasting works following this culture with great effort and what we are witnessing today in the development of the metro and the opening of new stations is a symbol of this effort of urban management.”

Appreciating the actions and services of Tehran’s urban administration, the President said, “Today, the atmosphere of work and effort prevails in the country, and such an atmosphere is sure to bring people’s satisfaction and trust and generate strength for the country.”

The President said, “The enemy does not want the country to progress and the people to hear good news, and therefore tries to understate the strengths that are not seen and magnify the weaknesses that exist in every corner.”

Raisi referred to the great and proud work that has been done in the field of knowledge-based production in various fields and clarified, “People who are fond of Islam, the revolution and the Islamic system should know that a lot of work has been done in this country and a lot is ahead, which are due to the efforts and perseverance of our dear young people.”

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مواضيع ذات صلة
مواضيع ذات صلة
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