Palestine | Settlers Storm the Ibrahimi Mosque, Perform Talmudic Rituals

Guarded by Israeli military, thousands of settlers stormed the Ibrahimi Mosque today, Friday, and performed Jewish prayers inside it.

Settlers deliberately filmed inside the mosque as they performed rituals and chanted Talmudic heresies.

Dozens of Jewish women also took part in this provocative act celebrating the so-called Jewish Day of Atonement.

Last week, Israeli forces attacked hundreds of Palestinian Muslim worshipers who gathered at the Al-Haram al-Ibrahimi (Ibrahimi Mosque) in Hebron, south of the occupied West Bank, in protest of Israeli threats to take over the holy site.

Soldiers fired teargas canisters and stun grenades at the worshipers to disperse them, causing many cases of suffocation from gas inhalation.


مواضيع ذات صلة
مواضيع ذات صلة
مواضيع ذات صلة
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