President Visits Isfahan Scientific, Research Town

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi visited the Science and Research Town of Isfahan Province, the first organization to establish growth centers and science and technology parks in the country.

Upon his arrival in Isfahan province on Thursday, Raisi said “Isfahan is a province of agriculture, tourism, and industry that can become a hub of science and technology. In addition, the most important capacity of Isfahan is the efficient and educated manpower that we have in the province”.

More than 7,860 elites, specialists, and university professors in various technical and scientific fields are working in the form of more than 610 companies in this complex.

Raisi pointed out that the people of the province suffer the most from water shortage problems, noting, “Water shortage is one of the issues that the government has a plan to solve and we are confident that this problem can be solved with the help of esteemed officials and our dear people in this province.”

The President said that solving the water shortage problem requires a kind of management that the people will be with the government in implementing this management.

He went on to say “This point has been taken into consideration during the trip and credits have been considered.”

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مواضيع ذات صلة
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