Putin: Russia’s new generation weapons decades ahead of foreign counterparts

Many samples of Russia’s new generation weapons are years and even decades ahead of their foreign counterparts, Russian President Vladimir Putin said while opening the Army-2022 forum in Patriot Park on Monday.

“Of particular interest are new generation models and systems that are oriented towards the future and will determine the future of the armed forces. This concerns high accuracy weapons and robotics and systems based on new physical principles. Many of them are years, and maybe even decades, ahead of their foreign counterparts. In terms of tactical and technical characteristics, they significantly surpass them,” Putin said.

He believes that the Army-2022 forum is an excellent opportunity for foreign military specialists to see for themselves the development of Russia’s military-industrial complex and its progress in such areas as artificial intelligence, cutting-edge information and radio-electronic technologies, as well as the practical implementation of advanced achievements by Russian design bureaus and scientific schools of world renown.

The Russian leader stressed that the exhibits on display at Patriot Park, presentations at military training grounds and demonstrations of the ERA technopolis’ products were clear evidence of the superiority of domestic military products.

“I would like to add that at the special stands dedicated to diversification in defense industries, Russian enterprises presented their achievements in the field of innovative civilian products and technologies. They also deserve the closest attention,” Putin said.

He added that Russia was ready to develop innovative ties to create new models of weapons and equipment and “to work together on fair, equitable terms.”

“Our country’s experience of such successful technological cooperation, primarily within the framework of the CSTO and the SCO, is vast indeed,” Putin said.

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