Results of Parliamentary Elections Awaited Monday

Lebanon’s parliamentary elections are expected Monday; however, preliminary turnout numbers showed that 41% of Lebanon’s 3.9 million registered voters voted on Sunday.

The main 128 seats are expected to stay in the control of the country’s main parties.

The outgoing Parliament saw a majority by the Hezbollah party, allied with the Amal party of Speaker Nabih Berri and the Free Patriotic Movement of current President Michel Aoun.

The initial results of Sunday show the parties will once again be victorious.

103 lists are competing in 15 electoral districts with 3,663,518 eligible voters.

The electoral districts are divided as follow: 2 in Beirut, 4 in Mount Lebanon, 3 in North, 3 in Bekaa and 3 in South.

North Lebanon II (Tripoli, Minieh, Donniyeh) registered the largest number with 11 lists while the third district of Southern Lebanon registered the smallest number (3 lists). The Beirut II (Ras Beirut, Minet el Hosn, Dar El Mrayse, Mazraa, Msaytbe, Zkak El Blat, Bachoura, Port) registered ten lists while the Bekaa I (Zahle) came third with eight.

The first phase of the parliamentary elections was held last week for expatriates on May 6 and 8. More than 140,000 out of 225,000 Lebanese registered voters took part in the electoral process. Nearly 13,000 Lebanese expats voted across 60 countries.

For the first time in thirty years, parliamentary election is taking place with the boycott of the Future Movement and its leader Saad Hariri after Saudi pressures which pushed the latter to suspend politics action and call for boycotting the electoral process.

The parliamentary elections are particularly important since they are the first to be held after the October 2019 protests and the subsequent financial and economic crises.

Since 2019, the Lebanese currency, the pound, has lost more than 90 percent of its value against the US dollar on the black market.

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مواضيع ذات صلة
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