France | Macron Proposes Plan for Parliamentary Oversight of Police Following Abuse Claims

French President Emmanuel Macron announced on Tuesday measures to make the police more transparent about wrongdoings, including the publication of internal investigation reports and the creation of a parliamentary monitoring body, in efforts to improve public confidence eroded by scandals in recent years.

Speaking at the National Police School in Roubaix, in northern France, Macron said a new body composed of MPs and Senators will be in charge of assessing police actions.

“We must strive to be above reproach… When there are mistakes, they must be punished,” said Macron.

The French president also said internal investigation reports about allegations of police abuse and misconduct will now be made public. They must lead to “clear decisions” about officers and organisation issues, he added. 

In his speech, Macron also sought to respond to demands from police unions for action in areas including improving the training of officers, reducing the amount of paperwork and increasing their presence on the ground.He said the budget of the Interior Ministry, which is supervising the police, will increase next year by €1.5 billion.

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