Lavrov: Without code of conduct in Internet sphere world will plunge into cyberanarchy

The world will run the risk of plunging into cyberanarchy unless a universal code of conduct is developed and adopted, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told a conference entitled Digital International Relations 2022 at the MGIMO University on Thursday.

“All politicians aware of their responsibility and all professionals in this sphere are well aware that without universal agreements in the field of Internet regulation, the world will run the risk of plunging into cyberanarchy. It will not be an exaggeration to say that the effects of this may be catastrophic for the world economy and international security and for elementary everyday comfort and well-being of hundreds of millions,” Lavrov said.

He recalled that Russia on many international platforms had declared more than once its firm commitment to devising universal rules and principles of “responsible behavior by states and Internet providers in the cyberspace.”

“Also, we submitted to the United Nations a draft global convention on struggle against crime in the field of IT and communication technologies. We are determined to press for a fairer and more balanced international regime of governing the Internet,” Lavrov said. “We hope that, in contact with all partners concerned, we will work systematically on translating these tasks into life.”

“It is nakedly clear that the well-being of Russians directly depends on the wide introduction of communication technologies in everyday life. Special attention must be paid to digitization processes and their control, balancing and adaptation to specific situations.”

“I am certain that these processes should not be regarded as the ultimate goal, but be carried out persistently after careful consideration of all risks and threats to society and serve the protection of national interests and the protection of our values, our culture and our history,” Lavrov added.

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