European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to FundNew Renewable Energy Projects in Tunisia

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)’s Head of Investment and Operations in Tunisia Nodira Mansurova reiterated its readiness to fund new renewable energy projects and develop a roadmap to reduce carbon emissions of the industrial sector by 2050.

The EBRD wants to diversify partnership with Tunisia and continue its support, particulatly in the sector of energy, renewables and electrical power transfer, Nodira Mansurova said as she met on Friday with Minister of Industry, Mines and Energy Neila Gongi.

Mansurova and Gongi discussed the program developed by the bank to help upgrade the performance of the electricity and gas utility (French: STEG) through a 300-million-euro loan (nearly 973 millions dinars) and a grant of 24 millions euros ( about 77.8 million dinars). The funds will help put in place a new computer system, improve the company’s governance and digitize its services.

The loan agreement was signed in Tunis last February 3. This financing programme will help the utility develop a roadmap to transition to a more sustainable company.

The minister emphasized the importance of efforts made by the bank since 2012 in areas of technical and financial assistance to small- and medium-sized enterprises.

She also said there is mutual commitment to further partnership in several fields, mainly renewable energies and the development of a national network of electrical power transfer.

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