Raisi: Iran to unveil new Aerospace products

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi unveiled plans to celebrate the new achievements of local experts in the aerospace industry.

Addressing a meeting of the cabinet on Wednesday, Raisi pointed to the successful launch of Iranian satellite ‘Khayyam’ into orbit and praised the Iranian Space Agency and all local scientists for supervising the process of receiving signals and controlling data from it.

Highlighting the importance of aerospace science as an industry contributing to the development of other technologies, the president said his administration is resolved to make up for backwardness in this area.

Iran will unveil new achievements in the aerospace industry in the near future, Raisi said, adding that they would provide great help in environmental protection, mining exploration, management of natural hazards, and monitoring the borders.

The Iranian remote sensing satellite Khayyam was sent into orbit by a Russian Soyuz rocket from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on Tuesday morning.

Iran’s Minister of Communication and Information Technology Eesa Zarepoor described the launch of the satellite as the “beginning of strategic cooperation between Iran and Russia in the space industry”.

He said a major stride has been made by the launch of Khayyam, which would collect the space data that Iran needs. “The high-resolution images (taken by Khayyam) could be used to improve the space applications in the country in the environmental and agricultural sectors.”

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