Ambassador Ala: Coercive measures impede efforts of sustainable developments

Syria regretted that some countries still resort to the unilateral logic in international relations and impose coercive measures in a fragrant violation of the international law.

“That hinders efforts of the targeted states to consolidate criterion of the appropriate work, achieve social equality, progress and the sustainable development,” Syria’s Ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Hussam al-Din Ala said in a statement at the 110th session of the International Labor Conference.

Ala stressed the importance of boosting solidarity and international cooperation to achieve development at a time when the world still suffers from the COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts.

“In light of that international complicated scene, the Syrian Arab Republic faces the negative impacts of the terrorist war that targeted infrastructure of its economy,” Ambassador Ala said.

Ala called for activating the joint cooperation track and resuming the regional cooperation program between Syria and International Labour Organization (ILO) based on the work plan presented by the government in a way that guarantees fruitful efforts towards securing a suitable and sustainable work in addition to supporting the Syrians’ return from the neighboring counties.

He condemned the Israeli occupation entity’s continuous violation of the international labor agreements and its insistence to follow racial policies and discriminatory practices that affect the Syrian workers in occupied Golan and deprive them from benefiting from their agriculture properties and water resources, marketing their crops and products, and undermine their capabilities.

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مواضيع ذات صلة
مواضيع ذات صلة
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