Iranian Navy Commander: Naval forces secure Iran’s economic lifeline in international waters

Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Shahram Irani said that his forces are the guardians of the country’s economic interests in international waters.

Rear Admiral Irani made the remarks on the sidelines of Iranian Army’s military exercises dubbed ‘Zolfaqar 1400’.

He added that coordination among the Iranian Armed Forces and transferring technical know-how and knowledge to young individuals is the main aim of the military drills.

Showing capabilities of the Armed Forces and in particular, the army’s strategic forces in ensuring the security of the country’s interests as well as familiarizing young personnel with the real scenes of battle are among the other objectives of holding this large-scale military exercise, Rear Admiral Irani said.

He referred to the mission of various naval fleets of Iran’s Army Navy in the fight against terrorism, piracy and escorting merchant ships and oil tankers, and said, “Iran’s Army Navy forces have secured the country’s economic lifeline by escorting vessels and tankers as well as merchant ships.”

Today, the Islamic Republic of Iran has the upper hand to face an enemy on the battlefield, he reiterated.

The Iranian Army started the first day of the main phase of the Zolfaqar 1400 joint drills on Sunday with the Air Force’s F-4 bombers destroying ground targets with optimized missiles.

The Iranian Army Air Force’s F-4 bombers carried out long-range flights from their bases to the general zone of the exercises and conducted air refueling operations from the tanker aircraft, destroying ground targets of the hypothetical enemy with optimized missiles, including a new generation of optimized air-to-surface missiles in the general zone of the wargames.

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مواضيع ذات صلة
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