Iran Intercepts US Intruding Drones During Zolfaqar-99 Drills

Amid the second day of its Zolfaqar-99 joint drill, the Iranian Army’s Air Defense intercepted three US UAVs trespassed the Aerial Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) by its Karrar drone.

The US’ UAVs violating the Iranian airspace included a ‘P-8’ aircraft as well as ‘RQ-4’ and ‘MQ-9’ UAVs while being totally observed by the integrative network of the Iranian army air defense, according to the Public Relations of Iran’s Army.

After being detected and warned by the radar systems of the air defense and then ignoring the warnings, the American UAVs were intercepted by the Iranian Karrar UVA.

The American UAVs then changed their path and got distance from Iran’s military drill zone.

The three-day ‘Zulfaqar- 99’ drills began yesterday (Thursday) with the presence of units of the Iranian Navy, Air Force, Defense and Ground Forces in the east of the Strait of Hormuz, the Makkoran coast, the Oman Sea, and the northern Indian Ocean to the 10 degrees north.

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