Hamas Slams Election of Israel’s Ambassador to UN as Vice President of UN General Assembly

Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, was elected as a vice president of the UN General Assembly on Tuesday.

Erdan will assume the position for a year beginning with the convening of the GA in September. He will chair General Assembly meetings, and take part in setting the agenda for GA deliberations.

“I am proud of the right to represent Israel in a position that is at the heart of what is happening at the UN, and I will also act through it to combat the existing discrimination in the UN against Israel,” said Erdan.

“This is an important victory, which will give us another platform to present the truth about Israel and its contribution to the world, despite the ongoing attempts of the Palestinians and hostile countries at the UN to act against us.” He said.

Erdan added “This achievement joins a series of important achievements that Israel has made at the UN in recent years, along with a clear message to our enemies that they will not prevent us from integrating into key positions at the UN and in the international arena and increasing our influence.”

Hamas Slams Appointment of Israeli Envoy to Senior UN Post

Palestinian Hamas Movement said the appointment of the Israeli occupation ambassador, Gilad Erdan, to a senior UN position is an affront to the values of freedom and justice and a threat to international security and stability.

“We vehemently condemn the appointment of the Israeli occupation envoy to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, as a vice president of the UN General Assembly.” Hamas said in a statement.

“This move constitutes a provocation of the feelings of the Palestinian people and peace and justice advocates around the world and an insult to the international community, which have a responsibility of ending the Israeli occupation of Palestine and holding to account its leaders for their crimes and terrorism against the Palestinian people and Arab nations.”

Hamas called on the “UN and friendly states supportive of people’s right to freedom and self-determination to reverse this heinous decision to preserve human rights and not to grant Israeli war criminals immunity from punishment and accountability before international courts”.

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