al-Sadr to Protestors: Peaceful demonstrations against electoral results should not turn into violence

The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, on Friday addressed demonstrators protesting the results of the parliamentary elections warning that peaceful demonstrations against electoral results should not turn into violence.

Al-Sadr said, in a tweet “Peaceful demonstrations for the sake of electoral appeals should not turn into demonstrations of violence and belittle the state, just as the state should not resort to violence against peaceful demonstrators. A right guaranteed rationally as well as legally.”

He added “The Popular Mobilization is a mobilization of jihad, my wish is that their reputation will not be tarnished otherwise. The rights of their disciplined individuals will be defended and their martyrs against terrorism are blood of glory and honor, we will not forget them.

“Hereby, preserve your history, and it (the government of the national majority) will defend you, away from the domestic and foreign policy projects that want to harm you for the sake of their partisan and sectarian gains.” He continued.

Al-Sadr went on to say “Just as the clash between our security forces is reprehensible, you are the followers of the Mujahideen crowd, and they are the protectors of the homeland.”

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