Trump Claims Putin Would Not Have Invaded Ukraine if He Was Still in the White House

Former US President Donald Trump claimed Russia’s Putin would never have invaded Ukraine if he was still in the White House.

Trump said he was surprised at the Kremlin’s assault on Ukraine, and admitted that he thought Putin was just negotiating a “great deal”.

“I thought he was negotiating. He had 150,000 soldiers on the border, I thought he was going to make a great deal,” Trump told a rally in Michigan.

He underlined that Moscow pushed forward with its unprovoked invasion of its neighbor because of the way that US troops left Afghanistan last August.

“I think that when he (Putin) saw what happened in Afghanistan, the way we ran, we didn’t to have one soldier killed there in 18 months, I said Abdul there are going to be no more of our soldiers killed. Not one person was killed for 18 months and Biden even said that,” he said.

“Then we lost 13, but they don’t talk about how horribly so many of them were wounded. This invasion of Ukraine would never have happened if I was in the White House, would never have happened, not ever.”

Trump continued “I knew Putin very well, and you know they say ‘Oh well he knows Putin’, that is a good thing, good thing, not a bad thing. I know Kim Jong-un, I know President Xi of China and you know what we had no conflict, remember?”

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